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Jeepers! Why didn't I look after my tyres better?

A set of new tyres on your car, your van or your motorhome can cost you a small fortune, as well as being a key element to your safety on the road. Remember, at 100km/h the average tyre turns around 50,000 times per hour, so its condition can change quickly. It’s absolutely vital, that you check your tyres regularly, particularly if you are getting off the bitumen.

Terrific tyre tips

  • Check your tyre pressure (including the spares) at least every fortnight. Always make checks when the tyres are cold. Carry a reliable gauge with you and, if you are going remote, an air compressor.
  • Maintain the recommended pressure. Check with your owner’s manual to confirm you are using the correct tyre pressure for the load you will be carrying.
  • Check the sidewalls for cuts and damage as these can cause tyres to blow out.
  • Check rims for buckles, cracks or other damage after each trip.
  • Check the tyre treads for uneven or excessive wear and separation. The minimum legal tread depth is 1.5mm. Uneven tyre wear may indicate a wheel alignment problem.
  • Have a regular check that your wheel brace and jack are where you expect them to be and are in good order.
  • Dust gets everywhere as you travel, especially when you take dirt or gravel roads. Make sure all of your tyres have a dust cap.
  • Rotate your tyres at least every six months to improve their life span.
  • Try to avoid scuffing and hitting kerbs when parking your vehicle.

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