Camper trailers

If you tried camper trailers when the kids were younger and still wake up in a cold sweat remembering the battles you had trying to pack the thing down again … it’s time to give them another chance. Technology has moved on apace and a lot of the camper trailers these days can literally be unfolded or packed away in a matter of seconds.

Camper trailers are basically trailers with a canvas structure that folds out from them, offering a place to sleep off the ground. These days some even have a hard roof that folds out to make a hard floor for the annexe. They offer the advantages of being easy to tow, light, relatively inexpensive (at least when compared to some of the other rig alternatives) and they offer a more authentic camping experience. It has to be said that the vast majority of grey nomads would laugh at the prospect of spending a year or two travelling in one of these vehicles but there are some who swear by them.

Their lack of weight makes them able to get along roads that a caravan or motorhome would never manage, and there are some extremely sturdy off-road versions available. The fact they are canvas also means they are generally light and well-ventilated inside. Many people are surprised by the comfort many of these vehicles offer and converts argue that, if you move with the seasons, you can virtually live outside anyway. You don’t need all of the luxuries of home when you are travelling in paradise. When the weather is good, the camper trailer is a place to sleep and to store your belongings and that’s about it.

For some travellers, security will always be an issue with the perceived inability to lock themselves away at night a bit of a worry. There is also much less storage space in camper trailers than in conventional caravans and for some, that is also an issue.

Nonetheless, if money is tight or you are not planning on travelling forever or you simply don’t want to drive – or tow – a big heavy vehicle, then a camper trailer could just be the go.


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