Hard-sided pop-up camper offers new camping option

With an increasing number of grey nomads eager to get off the beaten track, some are looking again at those traditional rig options.

But for those wanting something more ‘go-anywhere’ than a big caravan or motorhome, the problem is that the options have not always been that tempting … especially for those who don’t like the idea of canvas walls.

A new US company then could be on to something with its ute-mounted camper with an electric-actuated roof lift and folding upper walls.

The QB camper from Cube Series folds down during the drive between camps and then rises into a relatively roomy hard-walled shelter to give campers a sense of security should scary-sounding possums start scuttling around outside at night.

cube series QB camper
hard-walled camper

And we’re ready to roll! PIC: Cube Series

When hardy nomads pull up at camp, it’s just a matter of pushing a button to activate the electro-actuated expansion system. The upper left and right sidewalls rise automatically with the roof until they stand at full height. Users will then have to lift the upper front and rear wall segments manually so they fit inside the roof moulding. Cube Series says the whole process takes about 60 seconds.

When closed, the QB camper is something of an inverted pyramid that tapers and steps inward from its roof to the base that sits in the ute tray. It stands 113 centimetres high before sliding into the truck. When it’s fully 0open, the QB camper stands 229 centimetres from the pickup bed to the roof.

At camp, adventurers step through a door at the camper’s rear into a well-designed interior, which includes a kitchen stove, sink, microwave, and a 48-L fridge and storage cabinet. There’s even an extra bench seat that flips open to reveal an electric cassette toilet.

The four-seat dinette converts into a double bed at night. There’s a pop-up TV stand in the backrest of the dining bench, pop-up electrical outlets, and a pop-up pantry. All this and a 12-V deep-cycle battery, and a 79.5- L fresh water tank, too.

Cube Series

Home for the next year or two? PIC: Cube Series

The QB weights a little over 500kg and is designed to on a range of utes.

Prices start at US$33,827.

For grey nomad couples on an endless adventure, the QB may pose a few space and storage questions but might still appeal to minimalist campers. It may also be of interest to solo travellers or those who take multiple shorter trips rather than ‘the big one’.

  • Could you be tempted out of your caravan or motorhome into a hard-sided camper like this? Or do you not have a problem with canvas walls anyway? Email us here to share your thoughts.

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