Pop top caravans

The pop-top van is almost identical to the standard van except that its roof folds down when you’re travelling and you put it up again when you set up camp.  This feature offers less wind resistance on the road so fuel consumption is generally less than it is with standard vans.  Poptops are also a little bit lighter and their maximum length is limited to about 17 feet.  This is because the pop-top part of the van can only be physically supported up to that size.

Although pop-tops take a little extra effort to set up, some people claim that they have better ventilation and an airy feel.  These vans are generally a bit less expensive than the standard variety although you can certainly still have a luxurious fitout if you choose to.  Most poptop vans can be configured with single or double beds, ensuites, and many of the other extras that are offered in standard vans. Another plus is that the van can be stored in areas with lower clearance when the trip is finished.

Expect to pay anywhere from about $20,000 to $70,000 for a pop-top van depending on the fitout and specifications.



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