SA borders open … and grey nomads back on the road again

Published: November 23, 2021

The opening up of Australia took another big step forward today, as South Australia started welcoming more interstate travellers again.

Fully vaccinated people around the country can travel into the state, but they will need to fill out an EntryCheck SA document. Travellers from any area with community transmission will still need to have a Covid test within 72 hours prior to arrival in SA, and undergo a daily symptom check for 14 days.

Grey nomads are among those celebrating the newly relaxed rules.

The ABC reports that Bruce and Kathy Giles have been stuck in a caravan park in the Victorian town of Murrayville for 10 weeks because of the border restrictions.

Grey nomads trapped in South Australian caravan park

The couple sold their house earlier this year, bought a caravan, travelled to Balranald where they were stuck for 21 days, then Buronga for six weeks, before arriving in Murrayville, where they have been staying for the past 10 weeks.

Ms Giles told the ABC that, although waiting for the border to open had been difficult, she and her husband feel as if they have become part of the Murrayville community.

Grey nomads can now cross into South Australia

Travellers can apply to enter South Australia through the government’s EntryCheck website. PIC: Stock Journal

“The locals in Murrayville are fantastic; they’re more than welcoming,” she said.

The Murrayville Caravan Park has been flooded with travellers waiting at the border to cross over for weeks.

The park’s caretaker, Darren Powell, told the ABC it had been a hectic time.

“Last night was the busiest I’ve ever seen, and now we are half empty again, so swings and roundabouts, I guess,” Mr Powell said.  “I think the whole town recognised the frustration and people have been hospitable … it’s good to see them cross, but I’m sad to see them go.”

South Australia Police Commissioner Grant Stevens told the ABC that officers would continue to monitor the borders to ensure travellers have the correct paperwork to cross into South Australia.

“We will retain the current level of border checkpoint activity,” he said. “Our plan is not to stop every vehicle but to randomly check vehicles that are coming into South Australia.”

  • Did you cross in to South Australia today? How excited were you to be able to continue your travels? Comment below.



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