Campers run for cover as escaped bull runs wild

Published: March 15, 2021
Escaped bull terrifies grey nomads in Murray Bridge

A runaway bull has sent campers scampering for cover as it rampaged through the showgrounds at Murray Bridge in South Australia.

The animal originally broke free from a livestock transporter on the road bridge over the River Murray in the centre of town.

Witnesses said the animal ‘demolished’ the back of its trailer before making a run for it into oncoming traffic on the narrow crossing.

Police gave chase and eventually cornered the rampaging bull at the Murray Bridge showgrounds some three kilometres away … and that’s where things got really interesting.

The Murray Bridge News reports that campers cowered in their caravans or watched from a distance as the panicky bull rampaged around the showground, with police cars and stockmen racing around trying to cut it off.

It took another hour for the group to corral the bull and get it back in ‘custody’.

Campground visitor Faye Bolden, of Warrnambool, told the Murray Bridge News she had encountered the bull twice during the morning – she got caught in the traffic jam on the bridge, then caught up in the police chase at the showground.

Camper Richard Brooks, from Adelaide, saw the humour in the situation.

“I said ‘do you want me to bring a red tea towel’?” he said.

The bull reportedly dented a gate, snapped a guy rope off an annexe and bumped into a campervan during its wild bid for freedom, but no one was injured.

The bull had been bound for Alice Springs, via Dublin, after being picked up in Naracoorte earlier in the morning.

It’s not the first time, an out-of-control bull has given grey nomads a scare. In 2015, a bull ran amok in an NT caravan park leaving travellers running for cover.

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1 year ago

Don’t worry about the bull, look out for the PC Police – this article talks about “Guy Ropes”. These PC weirdos will want to put a stop to that nonsense.

1 year ago
Reply to  Joffra


Guy Williams
1 year ago
Reply to  Pedro

That would have been some free show.

Heather wells-Jones
1 year ago

Poor bull was probably terrified. Everyone chasing it.

Ric Moffet
1 year ago

Bull, has probably seen some cow kills in it’s time. It was on a long, long trip, and probably had had enough. When they get scared they will go. I feel sorry, for the fear, it has gone thru. I have a bull, that, I rescued from the abbi’s. It had seen some death there. I cannot put it in a cattle truck, so when I need the vet, he always comes out, some 80km, is expensive, but I don’t want to put Rastas( the bull), thru a stressful trip. You can’t even have a gun within sight of him, he runs and thru fences, to get away. You have to feel for him in those times.

1 year ago
Reply to  Ric Moffet

I hear you. Poor animals at humans hands:(

Ros Daff
1 year ago
Reply to  Ric Moffet

Yes Ric I agree with all that you say. That’s a damn long and terrifying trip for any animal being stuck in a crate. So sad.

peter dawson
1 year ago

you cant blame any animal they are in a quiet paddock and then all the noise of people and traffic

Klaus Stange
1 year ago

The song Cows with guns comes to mind.


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