Bull runs down the Bruce Highway, sparking traffic chaos

Published: January 7, 2022

It’s no secret that grey nomads need to constantly be aware of the possibility of encountering wandering wildlife as they drive the highways and byways.

However, even the most alert of drivers would have been startled to come across a bull marauding along Queensland’s busy Bruce Highway.

But that’s exactly the situation that motorists at Forest Glen near Aussie World on the Sunshine Coast found themselves in earlier this week.

Merryn Falk told the Courier-Mail she was driving home to Buderim when traffic was brought to a sudden stop as the bull refused to move from in front of cars.

“We noticed something in the distance,” she said. “We thought it was a horse at first … then we realised it was a bull and it literally just stood there, still.”

Bull runs down highway

She said some people got out of their cars and attempted to move the bull off the road.

Multiple calls were made to police. It’s believed the bull was removed from the road before police arrived.

“It looked like it was a fairly young bull, it wasn’t aggressive, it was freaking out though,” Ms Falk told the Courier-Mail. “People were hoping it would move but eventually a few got out and braved trying to shoo it away.”

The incident happened in late afternoon, at about 5.45pm.

While it’s normally cows, kangaroos or camels that present a challenge on our roads, bulls have certainly been known to give grey nomads a scare in the past.

Last year, for example, a runaway bull has sent campers scampering for cover as it rampaged through the showgrounds at Murray Bridge in South Australia.

However, perhaps the most famous ‘nuisance’ animal to grey nomads was ‘Swino’, a beer-loving feral pig that you used to raid campers’ eskies at the DeGrey River rest area near Port Hedland in WA.

  • Have you ever had an ‘interesting’ encounter with wildlife? Comment below.
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5 months ago

You would be OK though if you had a ‘bull bar’ fitted to the front of your car.


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