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Neck and neck down the straight! Janeen C


You just don’t listen do you? I said “PARK SOMEWHERE I CAN GO FOR A PIDDLE”
Geoff T



Well, you wanted a water view!
Glenys M



It’s not that deep dear!!!
Peter O


The ad said “close to water”
John K



“I told you not to leave that plug in the sink!
Tim & Gloria



Kathy H



Well Marj, you wanted to go on a cruise.



“Love our new, go anywhere boat-a-van”
Phil S



“Lazy wife did not want to get her feet wet getting into the canoe”
Dave M




Row, row row your boat, forget about the rest.
Debbie W



We couldn’t afford a houseboat.
Dorothy A


Throw me a line.. I’ll give you a pull to shore..
Jim N


What? THIS is what I tow my houseboat van with!



“I’ll have to paddle damn hard to pull it outta here!’
Darren G


“I guess he’s up the creek without a Paddle”
Reg O



“The grey water tank is leaking again,bugger”
Graham B     



“Told you darl, this beats hiring a house boat”
Gary H      



What! A new concept? A marine caravan park!
Lynton B    



Did I turn of the gas?
Ian B



Just checking if it is WATERPROOF !



“Told them it’s not a houseboat”
Bruce & Ann M



Wonder what the towing capacity of this Kayak is.
Alan J



Who said there was nowhere to park!
Jim F


And she didn’t want me to bring the canoe!



Bugger, forgot the reversing camera again.
Kevin J



I thought I would give it a wash. or maybe hey is that a house boat it sure floats like one.
Fred T



Damn it Marge! That turnoff was the boat ramp! Dan >Reg, did you put on the hand brake. Kim B Sir, sir the tide has come in!




“I told you the tide comes in quickly around here!”



“The brochure said “suitable for all terrains””
Allana T      




Well i did say i liked fishing
Terry A        









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