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Horizontal Falls Power

Steve says: Some awesome aerial photography here. This rare viewpoint really shows us the power of the ocean, cutting straight through the landscape and... Read more

Big Red Climb

STEVE SAYS: Come on … you can make it! I love a picture that tells a story, and this one tells a stirring... Read more

Lightning Power

Steve says: No collection of photography on the theme of ‘power’ would be complete without a lighting shot, and what a beauty this one... Read more

Power of Heat and Cold

Steve says:  I love how simple and clever this shot is. The Devils Marbles is a stunning natural phenomena and this photo encapsulates... Read more

Sunrise at Victor Harbor

Steve says: The way in which the photographer has caught the sunlight reflecting off the clouds and the water is what makes the... Read more

Dust storm

Steve says: This is such a unique and wonderful entry! The strength of the horse and tension and skill of the rider are so... Read more

Grey nomad dust storm

Dust storm near Broken Hill

STEVE SAYS: Travelling Australia? Then expect the unexpected! I love the spontaneity of this. It reeks of simply being in the right place at... Read more

Windmill Power

Steve Says: The Flinders Ranges are on display in all their magnificence in this shot. Those famous jagged mountains are the perfect backdrop to the... Read more

Caption competition

Caption competition Issue 50

  The caption competition in Issue 50 of the Grey Nomad Times brought in another avalanche of entries. Here’s some of your suggestions for the... Read more

Vote now to choose ‘Let there be light’ photo competition winners

Let There Be Voting.  Our hard-working judge has fulfilled his side of the bargain and selected the finalists for our super popular ‘Let... Read more


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