GNT Caption competition Edition 58

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Our winner: "It's upside down dear!" submitted by Wally S

“Don’t tell Fred Im betting on the Melbourne Cup!.

Reg O




i told you we were going the wrong b***** way.
Terry A




Bugga the sat nav, use a map.
Ron M




Phar Lap looks good.Is this paper current?
Kevin J




I told you not to listen to the G.P.S.
Keith L




No dear. I don’t think these cars have an ejection seat.
Dan D




Shut you eyes and pick the spot.
Debbie W. 



I forgot where home is.
Debbie W.




I told you we should have taken that turn 300k back.
Shirley L




“Are you sure we are not lost ?”
Dave M



Look dear we should have asked the nice man at the servo where we were
Joyce K



i like horse 3 in the fifth



If you turn the map up the right way we might know where we are going
Dianne L






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