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Grey nmads caption competition
"The tape ran out at 8 metres, so I guessed the rest!"

The caption competition in Issue 51 of the Grey Nomad Times brought a record number of rib-tickling of entries. Here’s some of your suggestions for the picture on the right.

Does my bum look big in this driveway?
Louise T

I won’t say “I told you so!”
Barbara R

“I told you we didn’t need the second bedroom”

“I told you we bought the wrong house!”

Yes dear!  I know we have a double garage,  it’s not the width it’s the height!

“Now, if I can just raise the roof a metre … .nah, let the tyres down, she’ll be right mate”

Where did I put the remote for the garage door?
Robert S

“Hey Mum! What sort of pizza did you order?
Dan D

I think next time we will measure the driveway first?
J Clarkin

We cannot down size our motorhome so we will have to up size our garage.
Dave M

Go on then the passenger opens the gates
Shayne L 

It’s like trying to get the tent back into its tent bag – it came out of there, so it must fit back in!
Kel E

“I knew I should have bought the smaller one. Or maybe we’ll just have to get a bigger house – in the country!”
Jeff M

I’m sure those bread crumbs were here somewhere
Garry D

Either raise the garage roof or get a smaller motorhome! I am sleeping up front tonight, you can have the queen bed down the back.
Gary H

Only one thing to do here, let’s go away on a trip.  House is clearly too large  for the RV.
Geoff R

I told you to measure the height of the garage door!

“Does my bum look big in this?”
Michael B

“Hey Darl”, I don’t think its gonna fit!
John & Judith

Hey, Myrtle, how do you drop the pop top on this thing?
John R

Did you have your glasses on Dear when you measured the length of our driveway.
Robyn B

Bruce I understand that you drove straight home from the Dealership, but I think after five months of looking for reverse gear you need to ask someone.
David N

Oops!  Somebody moved the house
Bob & Kaye

You talk about fish tales!  I am sure it fitted when we left dear?
Bob & Kaye

Honey I think we need a bigger garage
Frank & Kathy T







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