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“Is it supposed to be rolling backwards?” (winning caption submitted by Tony F)

The caption competition in Issue 52 of the Grey Nomad Times brought heaps of rib-tickling of entries. Here’s some of your suggestions for the picture on the right.


“Just hold her there ! She’ll  be right mate, a few more rocks and we will have her level.”
Ireina J


“Yep! It’s definitely a boy.”
William G


“Crickey!!! Someone stole the engine out of my Motorhome.”
Louise T


“See it even comes with a Guest Room.”
Louise T


“I have heard of free camping but don’t you think this is going a bit far.”
Robyn B


“I told you we should have turned left at the roundabout.”
Glenda R


I am sure the ute was here a minute ago.”
John S


“We could get this level if I could just remember where I packed the jackhammer.”
Kevin W


“I told you not to bring the bloody cat!”
Dan D

“Another rock and we’ll have it level.”
Monica O


“How the hell am I supposed to get that wheel out of there?”
Jennie M


“Regardless of fuel cost, we should have still used the Cruiser.”
Neil B


Terry A


“I told you not to come through here”
Joyce K



“Once I get this van level, happy hour is on.”
Lindsay & Colleen


“The car must be here somewhere it was last night.”
Trax A


“She’ll never notice, son, she’s making a cuppa.”
Liz S


“I’m sure I left the car here.”
Peter S


“Told you we should have brought the car!”








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