Grey Nomad Times Caption Competition – Issue 53

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Our winner, Jill H: "Liz Taylor had one exactly like this one!"

The caption competition in Issue 53 of the Grey Nomad Times brought heaps of rib-tickling of entries. Here’s some of your suggestions for the picture on the right.


“See? I TOLD you it said they’re made of flicked nylon. Better tell them not to use capital letters.”


‘JOHN!! What’s your name doing in the social column?’
Dan D


Man thinking… ‘Mmm, not that one love, the one on the right is cheaper…!’
Judy G



‘Is this that grey book?’
Len P



“I told you we should have got that one”
 Joyce K

“He who hesitates is lost”
Lesley M



‘Do as I said and pay for this one.’
Geoff and Maz W


‘I saw it first.’
Doreen A



‘He who hesitates misses misses out heheh.’
Lloyd D



‘Excuse me I seen that first.’
June & Rick



“Buggered if I know why you need another one of them Marj”.
Reg O


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