Newsletter caption competition – Edition 46

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CaptionPackThe caption competition in Issue 46 of the Grey Nomad Times brought in heaps of entries. Here’s some of your suggestions for the picture on the right.


Darl, where did you move it now?
Phil C


Wait just give me a minute and I will remember !!
Denise D


I am sure I put my wife in when I left this morning.
Neil B

“Ahhhh, just enough room for the golf clubs!!!!”
Libby M

‘I thought you said the engine was in the front!’
Peter P



Where did you put the boot lid dear?
Robyn K




“Ah better hide this new fishing gear from the misses!”
Roger C




Dam. She’s found my stash!


“Honey, Can you remember where I packed the jack?”
Dan D



Terry A



Yes love, I am sure I packed the power lead and water hose.
Gary H



A man needs a shed
Diane H



It went IN easy enough
John K



Dear!, are you sure my undies are out there? All I can find is your clothes that wouldn’t fit in the  inside cupboards.
Warren K.



How am I going to tell her I’ve left the gas bottle at home?



I cant find anything in this frontboot i should of got a tunnel boot
Jan D



It was in here when I left home!
Norm B



Now where did I put that battery?
Tony F








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