Time to shine a light on the dark and dingy drop dunny

The dark, dingy, stinky, drop dunnies of yesteryear have come a long way in recent times … and things are only getting better!

The latest innovation comes from Jupe, a company best known for developing a unique off-grid nomadic shelter concept to capitalise on the glamping trend.

It has now released what may be called an ‘upmarket’ temporary toilet that boasts features that were once unthinkable to grey nomads brought up on wonky wooden structures with smelly pits.

These include the fact Jupe’s Portal can be configured with Starlink satellite internet service, allowing visitors to stay connected while on the loo … should they feel the need!

The Portal portable toilet
Jupe Portal

There’s an ellipse cutout in the ceiling which offers a view the night stars … or the sunny skies! PIC: Jupe

But it also addresses some traditional drop dunny drawbacks … like a lack of space.

“Forget about the days of bumping your knees into plastic while foraging around for a toilet roll in a dark box,” the company says. “The Portal is cavernous and full of light, at three times the interior volume of a normal portable toilet.”

The Portal operates completely ‘off-grid’ and does not require connectivity to any form of the grid. It comes with solar panels (200W), a battery, and an inverter that allows for stadium-like lighting and an always-on fan to eliminate odours.

And the wonder loo with a self-closing door is anything but gloomy. It boasts a full-length two-way mirrored window opening up panoramic, yet private, views of Mother Nature.

Jupe says the loo has a retractable privacy shade which draws down ‘when you’re feeling shy’.

There’s also an ellipse cutout in the ceiling which enables ‘seat dwellers’ to view the night stars … or the sunny skies. And when it is dark outside, the Portal includes recessed LED track lighting wrapping the ceiling.

And as for the nitty gritty of the toilet business, the Portal currently needs emptying the same way as any other festival, or building site portable loos do.

However, Jupe is currently working on integrating circular-waste transformation technology that will magically turn ‘what we produce as humans’ into a fertiliser.

Only time will tell whether this sort of technology will eventually find its way into Australia’s national parks and council-run remote camping areas, and even private-run campsites.

The Portal will begin shipping across the globe from late 2023.

  • Do you mourn the slow demise of the traditional (and sometimes scary) Outback drop dunny? Email us here to share your thoughts.

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