How safe do you feel when camping out in the bush?

campsite security

Despite the odd frightening incident being reported, the vast majority of grey nomads are not going to be scared off camping in remote spots.

Some 93% of respondents to our recent GNT poll on the subject said they felt perfectly safe spending the night in the bush.

Brian and Diane H have spent the majority of the past five years free camping.

“We’ve never felt unsafe,” they said. “We think isolated cases like the recent shooting in New Zealand should not deter travellers from free camping.”

Shirley O agreed.

“We’ve been camping for 15 years and never felt at risk,” she said.

After seven years on the road, Jim K loves camping in the bush and says none of Australia’s wild land animals are likely to attack unless provoked … and people shouldn’t be a problem, either.

“I think it is extremely unlikely that the criminal types would travel 50 or more kilometres out of town down on dirt roads in the hope of finding a couple of ‘wrinklies’ they can attack,” he said.

  • Do you feel completely safe when camping in the bush, or are you a little bit nervy? Email us here to share your thoughts.

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