Dawn to desk! Grey nomads benefit from RV ‘office space’ innovation

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Grey nomads with digital nomad twist
It’s a motorhome dining table … with a clever twist! PIC: Sunlight / Erwin Hymer Group

Most grey nomads will have noticed by now that there’s a new breed of traveller in town … the digital nomad.

The pandemic has spawned a new work-from-home culture which has, in turn, fuelled a work-from-the-open-road trend.

And while not all nomads will be doing cartwheels at the thought of having a new ‘group’ to compete for spots with at popular campsite spots, there has been one interesting upside.RV office space for grey nomads

In order to cater to the needs of the ever-growing numbers of these hard-working, tech-savvy digital nomads, RV manufacturers have been putting a lot more effort into finding innovative ways to offer them ‘office space’.

And that’s potentially great news for grey nomads who are increasingly seeking more screen time themselves … whether it be to manage their investment portfolios, organise their photos, or do a travel blog.

Germany’s Sunlight company is the latest RV manufacturer to explore clever ways to transform a simple dining table into a ‘proper’ office.

And all of this German ingenuity should eventually permeate down to find its way into rigs around the world. Sunlight’s Home Office on Wheels prototype is certainly intriguing.

It’s turned a basic table into a multi-purpose console with a top that flips up to reveal a workstation, complete with a wireless charging pad and extra electrical outlets for charging smartphones, tablets and camera batteries, and plugging in PCs.

On the flipped-up front console wall, an integrated digital display easily hooks up to the user’s hardware to work as a primary or secondary screen. There are storage compartments at the base. The flipped-up wall also separates the ‘office user’ to some extent from the driver’s cab. Simple but potentially incredibly useful!

  • Would you like a more ‘professional’ workspace in your rig or are you happy enough to sit in your campchair with a laptop balanced on your knees? Email us here to share your thoughts.

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