Bring you own loo! How ensuite it is for non self-contained grey nomads

Portable bathroom for grey nomads

In a world where the relentless march of the ‘self-contained vehicles only’ policy is barring many budget travellers from using free or low-cost camping areas, it was only a matter of time before we saw the emergence of the ‘add-on’ bathroom concept.

The ingenious German-built Bath2Go can be fixed to the back of a campervan, offering an instant solution to the vehicle’s ensuite shortcomings. Inside, it looks just like the bathroom area that you find inside luxury motorhomes or large caravans … except it’s all contained in a detachable box.

It weighs in at 120 kilograms and includes a toilet with a 15-litre tank, folding sink and shower. When you are on the road, the roof of the travelling amenities block can be folded down and, when you are parked and ready for Page 7 bathroom business, it can be flipped up to increase head room to 1.95 metres.

The system comes complete with a fresh water tank, waste water tank, 12V pump and gas hot water heater for a luxury showering experience. The bathroom also has an LED light and mirror. A big advantage for those grey nomads who aren’t full-timers is that the Bath2Go can be left at home when not needed.

The designers say it will take just three minutes to mount the necessary carrier to the vehicle, and another five minutes to secure the bathroom unit on to the carrier. They also say that having the bathroom out of the living cabin and in a completely separate area is a real plus … particularly if there is a leak!

With campground ‘inspectors’ increasingly claiming that PortaPottis and improvised water containing solutions will no longer pass muster as being sufficiently self-contained, is the Bath2Go the answer to a budget traveller’s dreams? Well, the price tag of around US$8,300 would suggest not … but, then again, it’s still a lot cheaper than splashing out on a luxury motorhome.

That price includes the Cate carrier that supports the bathroom box from below. The Cate carrier is currently available for a variety of vans, including Fiat Ducato, Ford Transit, Mercedes Sprinter and Vito, and VW Transporter models.

• Can you see yourself splashing out on a mounted toilet to potentially bring more free campsites into your life? Email us here to share your thoughts.


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