Pop-up second floor takes RV luxury to the next level

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SAIC Maxus could be good for grey nomads
Once you’ve arrvied at your destination, it’s not hard to see the appeal of the SAIC Maxus. PIC: SAIC Maxus

If you thought you’d seen it all when it comes to eye-catching luxury rigs, think again.

While luxury-loving grey nomads might agree that big is beautiful, they often find size can be a problem when they’re trying to squeeze into a site at a busy caravan park or campground.

However, it seems that the Chinese may have discovered that the answer to that issue is to build up, not out!

From the outside, the SAIC Maxus Life Home V90 Villa Edition looks like a fairly normal, van-based Class C motorhome RV, but it comes with something a little extra … a pop-up, full-height glass-encased second storey which has its own lift.

The roomy lounge upstairs has near-floor-to-ceiling glass walls offering great views of whatever stunning location you have arrived at.

The glass itself can adjust between clear and opaque, allowing owners to adjust between greater privacy and crystal-clear views.

A doorway allows access to the balcony that’s positioned over the van’s cab.

If having an upstairs living area doesn’t deliver the room you’re after, there are a pair of slide-outs downstairs which significantly widen the first floor. That makes for 20 square metres of living space on the bottom floor, and there’s 12 square metres up top.

Inside, there are all the luxurious high-tech fixtures and fittings you would expect from a high-end RV like this, and owners would certainly have a lot to show off to campsite neighbours.

The Maxus Villa Edition is not currently available in Australia, but the double-decker showstopper sells for well over $500,000 in China.

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8 Responses to Pop-up second floor takes RV luxury to the next level

  1. Yes please, so I can look down at people emptying their canisters when I get allocated the site next to the dump point.

  2. The web site I looked at did not show the ‘penthouse’ being raised. But the interior shots seemed to be rather spartan. The lift wasn’t shown either.
    Notwithstanding, if the price was lower – a LOT lower – then I wouldn’t mind having one.

    • “…did not show the ‘penthouse’ being raised. […] The lift wasn’t shown either. Notwithstanding, if the price was lower… […]”

      Instead of getting pent-up, if you can ‘raise’ the money, it doesn’t cost anything like $500,000 to get a ‘lift’ in a taxi.

  3. Wow! So you’ve been in your vehicle traveling all day and now you want to sit in your vehicle! A couple of chairs under a shady tree a lot cheaper.

  4. It`s Chinese made! Why would you want their s*#t? Haven`t we in Australia learnt our lesson yet? Lets look at their concept and prototype, then manufacture it here in Australia.

    • “[…] …manufacture it here in Australia.”

      That would just be a ‘$ideway$ step’.

      Confucius say: “Man who walk through airport turnstile sideways going to Bangkok.”


  6. So what happens to all the glass, does it go straight down into the interior, if so you will have to put the roof up every time you want to make a cuppa on the side of the road, if not the glass and walls would have to be laid flat on the roof. Then the top heavy chinese chassis would be a disaster to drive even round a mild corner.

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