‘$10m caravan park grants have made a huge difference’

Published: August 18, 2023

The Commonwealth Government’s $10 million Caravan Park Infrastructure Grants have been hailed as a major success.

The Caravan Industry Association of Australia (CIAA) says the funding, allocated under the October 2022 Federal Budget, has made a big difference to parks up and down the country.

The money has seen infrastructure enhancements for 111 caravan parks.  The CIAA says the improvements have primarily been directed towards enriching the customer experience, providing travellers with ‘top-notch facilities that offer unmatched value for money’. There have also been significant upgrades in accessible accommodation and amenities.

CIAA CEO, Stuart Lamont, said the outcome was a win for the caravan industry and for travellers.

“A caravan and camping experience offers a unique consumer offering which is both closest to nature and disperses Australians across this great country of ours,” he said. “Seeing some of the grants come to life over the last six months has been really exciting, from accessible camp kitchens to cabin and site development, through to new family friendly infrastructure.”

The CIAA says while the upgrades were a great achievement, there is a palpable need for a second round of funding.

“To genuinely realise our goal of a sustainable tourism future, and to ensure we continue offering world-class experiences, further funding support is essential,” Mr Lamont said. “While we are grateful for the funding injection, as the number one accommodation provider for regional domestic nights out in regional Australia there is a still a way to go to really get the support that the industry and regional Australia deserves.”

The Caravan Industry Association of Australia is the peak national body representing the caravanning and camping industry in Australia. It says the Australian caravan and camping industry directly employs 53,000 people, manufactures locally more than 20,000 vehicles per annum, services over 740,000 vehicles on the road, and generates 12 million trips and 60 million visitor nights in caravan parks across the country.

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So caravan parks are upgraded with our money and putting site fees up as well. I don’t get it

That’s right Helen. And that’s why i refuse to use them. My ongoing bug bare. They have always
wanted to charge me (single bloke and dog) , the same as a couple. For example if i go into a
park and pay $30 , then a couple come in and pay the same it works out they are paying $15/each.?
I refuse to patronize them. I am quite happy camping on the outskirts of town. The town still gets my
business as in fuel and supplies.

Hi Dave
We charge per person rates and dogs are on request

Exactly Dave, I do the same thing for the same reason

Yes Dave, this also annoys me! I can be parked next to huge caravan, with an equally big annex, then their car, taking up at least three times wider than my camper space. Then If two people, it’s two showers. When operators realise I’m just in small van, I am put into a little spot they might have! Always at same cost though.
I know if I free camp and pay to use a shower from garage or pub etc it’s minimum $5 (plus) per person. I would feel a little better even if they took off the $5 per night for me! Gone it seems these days even Showgrounds don’t charge half the price.

I aggree with you.

Does this grant include DA registered campgrounds?

Seems to me, the caravan parks are private enterprises. Therefore should not be getting government money put into them. As when they are sold the improvements make the park more valuable the owners would then get even more money. Plus as what the lady who commented before me pointed out, they feel justified in raising the rents!
would like to see some of this money go into more lower cost camping, without all the bells & whistles, that most of us are not seeking. Perhaps run by councils?

I totally agree councils would be better able to provide freedom camps with some basic facilities with the money instead of caravan parks getting free money to upgrade .

Thats why they are closing the free camps

Caravan parks are like hotels position position position Im believer that a lot of caravan parks are way too expensive for the full timers on the road like us . Some range from $25 up to $125. Depending what time of year and position. Of park and where they put you in the park . Hmm
That’s why a lot of grey nomads choice first is free camps . Tasmania is set up with amazing free camps loved that place so will you . I know it quiet costly to get there if the boat is not fully booked in advance but once you get there it smooth sailing ⛵️
That’s my opinion 6 yrs full time on the road many thousand of dollars and klms we have traveled

Hopefully the gov’t money only went to council run caravan parks

So I’m actual fact Stuart Lamont. We’re paying through our taxes to upgrade caravan parks and we’re being ripped off by high prices for sites . Make no mistake that is our money that is being used for the upgrades to caravan parks. Not the mythical government!


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