Hook, Line and Sinker … the Grey Nomads Podcast

Published: November 24, 2021
Grey nomads go fishing

Now, there can’t be too many grey nomads … whether they’ve had any experience or not … who don’t throw in a rod and reel as they pack up the rig for the Big Lap, and imagine themselves sitting or standing by some idyllic waterway landing a monster fish and later being the envy of the campsite as their catch cooks on the campfire.

To find out if those dreams of barramundi and Australian Salmon and filling the freezer with free, healthy meals are naïve … or a realistic possibility, today I’ll be joined by Neil Hawkless, a full-time grey nomad who’s given it a go, and to Scott Thomas, the editor of Australia’s biggest fishing magazine, Fishing World.

Listen to the podcast here.

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