New 48-hour RV park opens in Proserprine

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Proserpine RV park for grey nomads
A warm welcome awaits grey nomads in Proserpine. PIC: WIkipedia

A brand new 48-hour RV park has officially opened in the Queensland town of Proserpine and it is hoped it will persuade more grey nomads to visit and to stay.

The facility is located just behind St Catherine’s Church, which is right off the Main St, which is one street off the Bruce Highway. The park is located in what used to be the playing field of the old St Catherine’s School.

Mayor Andrew Willcox said it was all about ‘location, location, location’.

“We’ve been looking for a suitable site ever since I’ve been on council and this is an ideal location and the park is very good for the region’s economy,” he told the Mackay Daily Mercury. “Some people might want to stay just for one day to visit the shops in the Main Street, and if they want to stay longer and enjoy the rest of the region there’s the facilities at Lake Proserpine and plenty of caravan parks.”

There is no power and no showers at the park, which is for fully self-contained vehicles and for 48 hours only. Public toilets are available across the road at Pioneer Park. There are rubbish bins, recycling bins and potable water available.

There is a sign in the Main Street pointing RVs to the new RV park, and a large sign will be erected on the Bruce Highway in the new year.

“It’s a brand new facility, allowing people to stay for 48 hours, and it’s just part of our ongoing commitment to allowing more people to come to Proserpine and stay for free,” said Cr Willcox.

Just last month,  a new 72-hour lakeside free camp was unveiled at the popular fishing spot of Lake Proserpine, also known as the Peter Faust Dam,

The new 48-hour park is part of the Proserpine Master Plan and is reportedly in response to public demand.

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22 Responses to New 48-hour RV park opens in Proserprine

  1. Re Te RV park in proserpine. 48 hours is not long enough. A 7 day limit would be better. This allows for sightseeing and shopping and not having to set up and move – most of us want to relax and see a town before moving in

    • Sorry but not ALL of us want do as you suggest. If you want of visit the sights book into a park. Thats what they are there for

  2. Of course we will – it is a brilliant idea. It is what’s been missing in the area.

  3. 48 hours – watch that time get abused. It’s Free, so 48 hours won’t be enough for some Grey Nomads. Shame, as it ruins it for everyone but you see it all the time.

  4. We would definitely stay at the park in Proserpine and then visit the Peter Faust Dam for a couple of days. It would be great to see other regional towns adopt a similar model to help the business outlets within their town and region.
    There are a number of regional towns already offering RVers the opportunity to stay and enjoy what they have to offer.
    Well done Proserpine.
    Johnnie Rodgers

  5. Please oh please FINE those that overstay. If you want to stay longer book into a park. If a few are fined the word will get out and those that chose to reck it for the rest wont come back. I take my hat off to the council for doing this. Great idea now for a longer stay at the dam?

  6. I agree managing the limit of 2 days could become an issue. We as grey nomads needs to all respect what has been offered and do the right thing. Well done to the council and I hope it goes well. We will certainly drop in for a stay.

  7. Watch the local van parks close up because there is no business for them.

    • There will ALWAYS be people who choose to go to a caravan park ALWAYS. Because that is what they do. They like a powered site with all the bells and whistles . So van parks will never go out of business.
      It just the same as some people choose to stay at a 3 star motel and others choose a 5 star…

      • I agree with John, Caravan Parks in there current form will go by the way of the dinosaur, modern Caravans are self sufficient and just don’t need Caravan parks anymore. Well done Proserpine my dollars are coming your way.

  8. Great news, we have family in Nth.Qld. and have travelled the Bruce Highway often. We just want somewhere to “hang up the hat” for the night which usually involves picking up a few supplies/fuel. It’s also been proven by an increasing number of smaller town, how much money is spent in these towns that allow free short term stays. Good on them, well done. Lets not abuse the privilege though. Sundy

  9. Great idea. We stay free sometimes and parks sometimes. Free encourages us to spend more time in the area though. We have just left the Prosapine caravan park.

  10. We will definitely support this Park. Whenever we are offered free overnighting, we always make a point of buying from the local stores as a thank you.

  11. Are dogs allowed please

    • Dogs are allowed but they have to be kept on a leash

  12. Will most definitely use both these spots.
    Always shop at Proserpine when travelling thru and always disappointed we cannot have quick camp..

  13. How many sites are there avaliable

  14. We’d love to stay at both sites when we visit North Queensland next year.
    We have a baby grandson & his mummy in Proserpine.

  15. Thank you Proserpine. As others have stated 48hrs is great, if you need longer book into a c/park.

  16. Have just finished 3 days free camping at new council park at Peter Faust dam,peacefull, plenty of space, portable loo’ s at the moment, ranger comes every day to see who and how long vans are I assume he will also be checking in on the new RV park. Great little town to visit.congratulations to what appears to be a progressive council.

  17. Thank you Proserpine, this park is excellent. We spent $750 in town and were able to visit the Dam and Cedar Falls during our 48 hrs. On the way home we will spend 3 days at the Dam and another 48hrs in town for fuel and groceries

  18. It is CLOSED!!!

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