Popular Bulahdelah camp will definitely re-open

Published: February 20, 2021
camping at lions park in Bulahdelah

Grey nomads have been assured that the popular Lions Park campsite in the NSW mid north coast town of Bulahdelah will be re-opening.

With some other areas announcing that their free camps that closed ‘temporarily’ because of Covid would in fact never welcome campers again, concerns were growing that the gold coin donation camp at Bulahdelah might suffer the same fate.

However, a spokesperson for MidCoast Council said it was ‘fully intending on reopening the site for travellers in the future’.

Council’s Director of Liveable Communities, Paul De Szell, confirmed to the Grey Nomads that a process of formalising camping options was underway. He said the council was working through formalising the site and ensuring it is adequately serviced.

“The park is in an environmentally sensitive location on the Myall River, so it is important we take this opportunity to look at providing amenities for those who use the site,” Mr De Szell explained.

 The Myall River feeds into the Myall Lake system which is a RAMSAR listed wetland with very significant ecology.

Also under consideration are restrictions to the length of time campers can call Lions Park home, with it being restricted to short stays of in the order of 48-72 hours.

The council says being able to comply with Covid rules for registration is also part of the picture, however the site also lacks a formal approval as a camping site.

 “We are working through this with the local Lions Club to ensure that all appropriate approvals are in place so that the facility can reopen for the travelling community,” Mr De Szell said.

 He said that that while there are no definite timeframes for reopening the site at this point, there is a strong commitment to do so.

“We are fully committed to reopening the site when the appropriate approval framework is in place and all environmental and health risks are managed,” he said.

Local councillor Len Roberts told the GNT that there was a huge appreciation within the community of the contribution that grey nomads and other campers have made to the vibrancy of the town.

“There is strong support for the Lions Park camping area and we hope we might be able to potentially build an amenities block there but that is all being worked through,” he said. “Grey nomads can rest assured that everyone here is working together to make this happen.”

As part of its overall review, the council is also looking to get camping back at the showgrounds, the bowls club and the golf club.

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1 year ago

Yup, I have stayed there overnight whilst in transit and supported the local business by buying fuel, some groceries, a cuppa coffee and of course the obligatory cake … yum!

The place was well patronised and even if only half spent some money in town, it would be a considerable boost to the local economy.

Jeff Maher
2 months ago
Reply to  Zol

Best pies I have had in long time good price too.Curry is king

Kelvin Ring
1 year ago

Yes I’ve always revived to stay alive overnight whilst travelling north and spent money on supplies as I always support RV Friendly towns…

1 year ago

We have stayed there once, bought some supplies from the grocery shop and then went to the pub to buy a bottle of wine. Wine was $9.99 and the minimum on the card was $10.00 so they said they would have to charge me a fee. I said no way and left. Would I stay again extremely doubtful.

gerald watt
1 year ago
Reply to  Carol

Are you for real?

1 year ago
Reply to  Carol

Well holy moly.
That is unbelievable. Buy another bottle or some other item and you.ll be ahead
Far out that is silly silly
Carry cash as well. Always handy for purchases under 10 bucks

1 year ago
Reply to  Ant


1 year ago
Reply to  Carol

You are kidding surely. How petty to avoid such a great town because of a surcharge on a bottle of wine. Next time bring a little cash. We go to that camp as well as the Bowls club and showground quite often. We are in a motorhome group and used to go Bulahdelah a lot. With those camps closed the town has missed out on a lot of dollars lately as we have had to go elsewhere as have others. Bulahdelah is a great town.

Karen Lloyd
1 year ago
Reply to  Carol

Could you not have given them the 1 cent to make it to $10?
Maybe you are unaware that businesses pay Merchant Fees on Card use – I can understand the surcharge on a small purchase because some of the fees are based on volume of transactions, eg lots of small charges add up and the margin on those small purchases would be very small – hardly enough to cover the merchant fees, hence the legal “on charge to you”.
And why taint the whole town on that one experience with one business?

Tony Lee
1 year ago
Reply to  Carol

Well Carol, that backfired rather spectacularly didn’t it

Carol Dennis
1 year ago
Reply to  Carol

I would have told here to charge me $10. We have stayed at Bulahdelah many times and visited the pub for lunch (nice meals). I love this spot

Kennedy Lynley
3 months ago
Reply to  Carol

Your are joking

Carol Randall
1 year ago

Stayed several times over the years. Have supported the IGA newsagent, butcher and bakery.

1 year ago

We are from The Central Coast and make Bulahdelah our 1st stop,the town has everything and since the Lyons park shutdown the caravan park is a great little spot to stopover and check we havn’t forgotton anything and top up if we have.Greg and Ruby.

1 year ago

When we head south we always stay at the Lions Park, it’s a short walk to town for groceries, fresh bread, coffee or just a wander arond the shops that may be open. Always leave a donation but we have seen many that don’t.

1 year ago

Can I just say, very few nomads drop rubbish, or don’t clean up after themselves and if like us many others . We often walk with a bag picking up rubbish. But let’s be honest here rate payers of your community, how many of you dump microwaves bags upon bags of rubbish , Xmas seafoods? Rubbish you don’t take to your local refuse station ? We have seen it so much, and also lots of back packers do not use bins. Wash complete bodies in hand basins. There breakfast and meals found in sinks of eggs onions etc . If no toilets they use the areas to go . I am sorry but enough of blaming nomads . We bring money in for groceries , chemists post offices . Beer and cigarettes if u so wish . Cafes and dining . All we want is a reasonable price . And treated nicely as I hope we do .

1 year ago

This is a great place to stop over, we stay at the Bowling Club, have dinner and a few drinks, join in the raffle if it’s being run – great staff and facilities. We always buy our meat at the butchers and grab a coffee for the road. Without doubt however, Bulahdelah will be by-passed if reasonable free or low cost camping isn’t available!


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