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Ron and Joyce have everything they need with them

Ron and Joyce

Queenslanders Ron, 75, and Joyce, 70, have been on the road for nearly 12 years What rig do you travel in? 80 Series... Read more

Keiron (and grandkids)

When Keiron, 65, set off on a two-weeks-plus caravanning adventure with his three grandchildren, he didn’t know what to expect. By the time he... Read more

Grey nomad charactrs

Jack & Noelene

Victorians Jack and Noelene (67 & 62) have sold up and hit the road … and they are still looking for a dream... Read more

Grey nomad characters

Peter & Kathy

Cairns residents Peter, 75, (going on 50) and Kathy, 57, travel as much as they can in their 13’ Jayco. They reckon they... Read more

Grey nomad character travels with bees

Bob (aka dING)

Bob (aka dING), 74, from Tasmania has been a ‘wanderer’ all of his life … and he always gets a real ‘buzz’ from... Read more

Rod and Dee enjoy grey nomad romance

Rod & Dee

After more than a decade as a couple, Rod (62) and Dee (57) are tying the knot … on the road So, wedding... Read more

Grey nomads and greyhounds

Annie (with Clancy & Connor)

Annie, 59, lives on the road with whippets, Clancy and Connor.  She has been travelling for many years now and says that, while... Read more

Grey nomad character of the road on the Nullarbor

Dianne & Ted

New Zealanders Dianne & Ted H (61 & 65) have been over in Australia travelling for the past 18 months … and they’re... Read more

Valerie and Dan changed their rig to be offroad ready

Valerie and Dan

Kiwis Valerie, 63, and Dan, 64, have been travelling since March 2010 What do you travel in? Our 17ft Coromal Seka Poptop and... Read more

Greynomad characters of the road Garry and Chrs, Oka

Garry & Chris

Sunshine Coast couple Garry, 61, and Chris, 64, have got the rig to go pretty much anywhere … and they’ve got all the... Read more


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