Caravan gets stuck going through KFC drive-thru

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caravan stuck in KFC drive-thru
A caravan became lodged in the drive-thru at a KFC in Devonport. PIC: Facebook / Crap Tasmanian Drivers and Inconsiderate Parkers

A caravanner was left seriously red faced after his plan to grab a quick fix of fried chicken went badly awry.

The hungry driver tried to tow his caravan through a KFC drive-thru in Devonport, Tasmania, but it got well and truly stuck.

It appears the caravan’s roof was too high to pass underneath the ceiling and the man got his angles wrong . In pictures obtained by the Crap Tasmanian Drivers and Inconsiderate Parkers Facebook pages, two men are seen desperately trying to dislodge the caravan.

However, Yahoo News Australia, reports that people on Facebook had little sympathy for the driver.

“Unbelievable. Simply beyond comprehension,” one man wrote.

One woman called it “embarrassing”.

Others questioned why the driver didn’t park and walk up to the restaurant for their order with one man writing: “being lazy backfires”.

“The mind certainly boggles at this escapade,” another woman wrote.

Tasmania Police told Yahoo News Australia police were not notified of this incident.

While this is certainly a standout in the ‘Most Embarrassing Caravan Manoeuvre Ever’ awards entries, it does have serious competition.

Last year, a caravan has clipped the bowser at a petrol station in Gunnedah, NSW, ripping off the pump hose and causing a fuel spill.

And in October 2019, a caravanner underestimated the turning circle of his rig ended up getting unceremoniously stuck on a busy road in Macksville on the New South Wales mid north coast.

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29 Responses to Caravan gets stuck going through KFC drive-thru

  1. Another example why a training course should be compulsory before buying a caravan.

    • Agree Shane. And Common Sense.

    • All the training course’s in the world will never fix stupidity.

      • Absolutely

    • Common sense really. I drive our van and even I know not to do something like this.

    • you can’t train against stupidity

      • Totally agree

    • Please no sanctimonious crap we all make mistakes, yes it was silly to try that but give it a miss and let it be. The old saying is “he who as no sin throw the first stone”

    • All the tri I g in the world will not fix arrogant stupidity.

    • No amount of training will trump (sorry) laziness.

  2. oops …

    These things always happen in front of an audience as well.

  3. Saw same situation at a McDonald’s drive through

  4. Wanting junk food brings on the laszies,
    No time for “common sense”
    impatience always get’s yuh caught

  5. Well, there are some real ning nongs around for sure but that would have to take the cake OR should that read ‘chicken’.

    No need for special training at all because some people will still do stupid things like that anyway. They are Xsperts.

  6. Training is available, thankfully not compulsory. We are not a police nation. If these people can’t bring themselves to learn before towing, that’s their call. All of us that tow understand this, people have drivers licences and yet accidents happen. This was just example of stupidity at the extreme.

  7. Probably does it all the time, just this time he had a caravan in tow. Maybe he had a camper trailer that fitted.
    Just embarrassing and causing the fast food place to overcook their chicken.

  8. Glad to see how many GNT readers are such great drivers who never make mistakes. Another Aussie pile on.

    • It’s easy to criticise and call people stupid. What garrantees do we have that those who commented adversely hav not had an embarrassing moment that has been unrecorded. I got stuck in a MacDonalds drive through once and had to backup. No signage to indicate that there was a sharp turn at the end of the driveway. Those who commented negatively need to be on their best mettle hey? You never know when it might be your turn. They say that anyone who has never made a mistake has never learned anything.

    • Mistake if you call this a mistake you are silly as he is

    • Couldn’t agree more.

  9. Two questions.
    Did the drive through have a height clearance figure on display?
    Did the driver know his vehicle height?
    From what can be seen in pictures it looks as if they should also have had signs saying no trailers.

    • Height has got nothing to do with it when undertaking a manoeuvre like this. You simply won’t have the turning ability before even considering height.
      I guess they called in for a bucket of brains.

  10. Caravaners have nothing on boaties…. spend a day down at a ramp on a busy day for eye watering examples of people not knowing how to reverse…. let alone driving a boat on a trailer!

    • A great way to spend a bored Sunday afternoon have a picnic at a boat ramp and watch / hear the marriages dissolving.

  11. What should really have been said to these people was: “The Gene Pool Police are here. Quick get out of the Pool”

  12. I guess common sense has left the room

  13. There is no way you can train for common sense, if the roof looks low, don’t, if you are too lazy to park somewhere else and walk off the last junk food meal you had then there is no hope.
    People who make the most common mistakes like this should have someone with a red flag walk in front of them wherever they travel to keep the rest of us safe.

  14. Interesting at how quickly chicken fat dulls the simple mind(ed).

  15. Every take away outlet in Australia warns you not to tow anything through them for good reason.
    But a caravan?????? unbelievable.

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