Man attempts to steal camper trailer … with couple asleep inside!

Published: August 21, 2023

A man has attempted to steal a camper trailer parked at a Victorian rest stop … with a couple asleep inside!

Police say the vehicle with a camper trailer and annexe attached was at a rest stop at Cumberland River on the Great Ocean Road on Saturday night when the drama unfolded.

“Around midnight a male offender has jumped in the vehicle with the male and female occupants, along with two dogs, sleeping inside and drove off,” Torquay Crime Investigation Unit detectives said. “The 20-year-old Wallan woman was dragged a short distance inside the annexe of the camper trailer before falling onto the road, causing a minor injury.”

The 20-year-old Wallan man remained inside the attached camper trailer until the vehicle broke down in Lorne and the offender fled on foot.

One of the dogs, Pablo, was located by some nearby campers about 5.45pm and returned to his worried owners.

Police are now appealing for information from the public.

Anyone who witnessed the incident, has dashcam/CCTV footage or information is urged to contact Crime Stoppers.

  • Have you ever had a ‘scary’ experience while camped at a roadside rest stop? Comment below.


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Were the keys still in the ignition?

Just thinking that,no brainer if were.

From some other media reports, the vehicle was unlocked and the keys in the ignition.
Whilst I think the would be thief should be done like a dinner, you really have to wonder, in this day and age, how stupid some people are if those reports are true.


Some guard dogs!
Our little Tenterfield Terrier, Jack, wakes us with a warning growl if somebody gets within 10 meters of “his caravan” and any closer he barks his head off.

Same with my 2 kilo pom! She’s a docile kitten until an intruder comes…then she’s a pint-sized lion!

My insurance company specifically states “If it’s not locked then it is not insured”.
I am the only driver of my vehicle as I am single and so the dealer puts the spare keys and the service books in the glove box when I purchased the vehicle and a year later they are still there. This equates to leaving the keys in the car. So if I fill up with petrol and walk inside to pay and there is a bit of a queue at the register and I have the car keys in my pocket but did not lock the door and it is a five second search by a thief to locate the spare keys.

We do need to take some responsibility for our actions or lack there of sometimes.


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