Caravanner injured after wheel flies off tow vehicle

Published: August 20, 2021

A caravanner has been rushed to hospital after she crashed when a wheel came off her tow vehicle.

The Courier-Mail reports that the incident happened earlier today on Queensland’s Burnett Highway at Ban Ban Springs. Paramedics, police and firefighters were called to the scene eight kilometres south of the Burnett Highway and Isis Highway intersection.

Early investigations suggest the woman’s four-wheel drive, which was towing a caravan, lost control and crashed after the wheel came off.

The woman was taken to Gayndah Hospital with a back injury. She is reported to be in a stable condition.

These sorts of incidents are not as uncommon as they should be. Last year, a wheel flew off a caravan on the Mitchell Freeway in Perth and smashed into a car travelling behind it.

And in 2018, a grey nomad couple spoke of their horror when a moment of inattention while changing a caravan wheel nearly led to disaster.

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11 months ago

Torque wrench your best mate for wheel studs
Too loose wheels fall off
Too tight you stretch and break wheels studs
Changed thousands of tyres on cars, trucks, tractors, earthmoving gear and still do
Always torque to spec and recheck in the first half hour of use
Never ever ever had a wheel trouble.

11 months ago

I wish all tyre fitters did the same ANT…rattle gun tight …arghhhhh

11 months ago

However, I have had a wheel come off my camper trailer, when the axle broke 🙁
Wheel nuts were fine.

Bryan Parry
11 months ago
Reply to  B

I can agree not always the wheel nuts many years ago I lost a wheel outside of Alice after a stop to check that alls good didn’t realize caravan handbrake did not release on one side thus snapping axel lucky no one else on HWY


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