Investigations underway to find cause of fire at caravan park

Published: February 23, 2022

A fire which broke out at a caravan park has been quickly brought under control but, no doubt, sparked a few anxious moments for guests.

The Border Mail reports that emergency crews were called to the Borderland Holiday Park in the Victorian town of Wodonga late yesterday afternoon.

A Fire rescue Victoria spokesperson said the incident was quickly controlled and handed over to police.

‘Two fire rescue Victoria crews arrived on the scene to find a small rubbish fire,” the spokesman said. “Firefighters quickly worked to contain the fire and the incident was brought under control within six minutes.

The cause of the fire is being investigated.

caravan park fire

The potentially devastating consequences of fire breaking out in caravan parks is one that most travellers are extremely conscious of.

Just last year, a woman died in a caravan fire at a residential caravan park on the NSW Central Coast.

And back in 2019, 18 caravans destroyed were destroyed in a fire at a Victorian caravan park that, at one point, measured 100 metres by 20 metres.

And that same year, a woman was injured and four caravans destroyed after fire swept through a van park in Western Australia’s south west region.

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Pat from the Top End
4 months ago

Caravan Park Fires…can expect more of these..
I look around most parks. I see many dangers, hazards and risks for potential fires..
Some semi permanent sites are an obvious risk. No fire hose reels, or extinguishers, old power cords, double adapters and multi boards laying on ground hanging from structures and trees..!
Caravans parked about an arms length from the semi permanent dongas.
And they squeeze us all in like there was a shortage of space in this country..!

Peter Mills
4 months ago

The UK Caravan Club Campgrounds (hundreds of them) has strict caravan spacing rules due to horrible fires once upon a time. I try not to stay in the sardine can caravan parks in Australia they are a fuckin dangerous fire hazard.


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