Finally, that’s a wrap on Outback toilet troubles

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Wrappon toilet for grey nomads
The Wrappon Green, is a portable toilet which wraps ‘deposits’ in individually wrapped bags.

For grey nomads who spend a lot of time in the bush, going to the loo and then disposing of the ‘waste product’ can be an ongoing challenge.

Some, of course, are happy enough to head off into the wild, red yonder with a shovel in one hand and a toilet roll in the other.

However, burying what comes naturally is becoming a little more frowned upon as even remote camping areas get busy and, anyway, ‘crouching’ isn’t always as easy as it used to be.

For those travelling with ‘facilities’ things are rather more civilised but, even then, finding a place to empty the cassette is not always easy … and it’s not a particularly pleasant task, either.

The toilet folds up into a portable suitcase

Convinced that there had to be a better way, Japanese-based SE Technologies has developed the Wrappon Green, a compact and lightweight anodized aluminium portable toilet that doesn’t need water.

Instead, it has a continuous, five-layer polyethylene plastic roll which individually bags and seals each ‘deposit’.

Users actually pour a packet of coagulating powder into the bag in the toilet bag before taking a proverbial seat, and this will condense the liquids and includes a deodorizing agent.

When they’ve finished doing their business, users press the flush controller button and the plastic is drawn down below the toilet, where the package is heat sealed and then cut.

The finished product drops out the bottom and can be safely stored in its odourless bag until a place to dispose of it can be found. It is basically a bit like finding a place to throw away a baby’s nappy. The beauty of the system is that the toilet itself never really gets dirty or smelly and so it can be stored easily.

It even folds down into a carry-on suitcase-sized package, complete with a carry handle.

The Wrappon, which weighs about 12kg, can run off mains power, a battery, 12V, or via solar. While many grey nomads might see the potential in the device, the price might prove a bit of a stumbling block. The Wrappon retails for a whisker under US$1,000.

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5 Responses to Finally, that’s a wrap on Outback toilet troubles

  1. I like to reduce the use of plastic. Shovel and toilet paper for me and the environment.

  2. Nah, who needs more crap … er, I mean stuff.

  3. We need less plastic wrapping, not more. Not something that one would drop into a garbage bin surely.

  4. If it was UV dissolvable , then I would be interested in it.

  5. Less plastic packaging I hear. I agree.

    Maybe we should also let those who buy packaged meat from supermarkets then repackage into smaller packs using vacuum sealing bags and probably do the same for leftovers that it’s not a good idea?.

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