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Some friendly advice?

Mr Know-It-All is suffering

Jaclyn and Heidi, We have been on the road for six weeks and my wife is driving me nuts. She has always been... Read more

Grey nomads miss Jack Russell

Something’s missing

Dear Jaclyn and Heidi, My husband Tommy and I are in the doggie doldrums. We’ve been on the road for nearly four years... Read more

Grey nomads and personal hygiene

Sweating it out

Dear Jaclyn and Heidi, We’ve been on the road for a couple of years now and our travel habits have evolved over that... Read more

Grey nomads save money

Too cheap?

Dear Jaclyn and Heidi, We’ve been travelling for six months now and, at the rate we’re spending, we can afford to keep going... Read more

Too much action?

Dear Jaclyn and Heidi, My husband Alec and I are both extremely fit 73-year-olds. We travel for about six months a year and... Read more

Grey nomads bombarded with advice

Advice needed for advice

Dear Jaclyn and Heidi, Hubbie and I are new to the Big Lap. We’ve found that when other grey nomads find out we... Read more

Grey nomads looking back at the past

The second time around

Dear Jaclyn and Heidi, Back in the early 1980s, I took my young family on a trip around Australia. We were on the... Read more

Grey nomads argue about television

What to watch next?

Dear Jaclyn and Heidi, I am over it! My wife and I are six weeks into the trip that I’ve dreamed about all... Read more

Frightened of bugs while in caravan

Bugs give me the creeps

Dear Jaclyn and Heidi, We bought a second-hand van before we headed off on our big trip. Neither of us had ever ‘caravanned’... Read more

Grey nomads take a tinnie

Abandon ship?

Dear Jaclyn and Heidi, I spent the last 10 years of my working life dreaming about joining the ranks of the grey nomads... Read more


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