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Caravan trip for unwell grey nomads

‘I’ve had serious health issues, but it won’t stop me living the dream’

A back fusion, a hip replacement, diabetes 2, high blood pressure, and two heart attacks within a year, may have slowed veteran caravanner... Read more

Ballarat for grey nomads

We didn’t want to travel, so found our paradise in Ballarat

Having sold up and having dipped their big toes into the full-time Big Lap, Norm and wife Jenny admitted they found not having... Read more

grave nomads, grey nomads, caravan park

Rise of the ‘grave nomads’ brings forgotten outback stories to life

The phenomenon of cemetery tourism is transforming the Big Lap experience of growing numbers of grey nomads … and it seems we ain’t... Read more

cellulitis drama for grey nomad

‘One day I was in Big Lap heaven, the next I was living a nightmare!’

After more than 12 months of careful planning and mounting excitement, Phillip Robinson and wife Marie were last month finally able to join... Read more

Vietnam vetreran on Ride of Remembrance

Vietnam veteran uses Big Lap to honour those who have fallen

For Vietnam veteran, Rob Eade, his current Big Lap around Australia is about a lot more than enjoying sunsets and Happy Hours with... Read more

Grey nomad in New Zealand and Australia

Best of both worlds

When New Zealanders Barry and Anne Pearce ‘semi-retired’ five years ago, they came up with an innovative way to ensure that life on... Read more

My Health Record for grey nomads

A healthy decision

While the rollout of the government’s electronic health record system, My Health Record, hasn’t exactly gone to plan, the drive to persuade the... Read more

Grey nomads tropical heat

Northward Bound!

When the mercury down south starts to dip, it can mean only one thing for most grey nomads … it’s time to head... Read more

Grey nomads cross the Nullarbor

Our trip across the Nullarbor

Veteran grey nomads Phil and Pam C recall the magic of their Adelaide to Perth return trip We had been planning the trip... Read more

Stranded in Tasmania

Escape from Tassie!

The success of the refurbished Spirit of Tasmania ferry service has famously had an unwanted side effect … surging numbers of grey nomads... Read more


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